Exhibition / Off_
Coordination / Nathalie Arnould / Out of School / Yann Fabès
About thirty off exhibitions all over the city !

The OFF exhibitions often give artists and creators the possibility of taking over new places. Artistic and poetical interventions will take on the task of helping you discover the urban renovation taking place around the Cité du design in the Manufacture Plaine Achille quarter and will invest the interstices in public spaces and the industrial wasteland of the city reveal another face of the Saint-Etienne conurbation. And for the first time, the new Saint Étienne École d’art et design.

Caroline d’Auria-Goux and Thomas Goux, alias TOM&CARO, two designers from the Saint-Étienne School of Fine Art, are returning to their origins. For their first personal exhibition at La Serre, in their former art school, TOM&CARO present designs that resonate with the space, plus a selection of previous work.

TOM&CARO invite you to share the world of their designs, on which they do not impose any borders: their work is situated between art and design, and they play and flirt with these limits. They are inspired by a creative freedom, taking from and using different fields, to nourish and bring identity to their work. The search for a poetic, sometimes narrative language, like a supplement to the soul, is an ambitious idea, but it is present, not to create an extra object, but to offer a story or a thought to those who look at it and use it, a link between man and the object.
On this occasion, TOM&CARO have invited Lionel Rodière, a sound designer, to share this creative moment with them.

A craftsman of sound, Lionel Rodière's work is halfway between the archetypal challenges of contemporary music and sound illustration. There are not many musicians capable of dressing artists’ or designers’ creations as he does, without emphasis, having taken on board the Greek adage “all good things in moderation.” The creator of the MaizeMusic structure, he uses analogue material, modelling sound spectrums in reaction to the most diverse themes that are put to him.

The exhibition set design is by the Nicolas Tourette and associates Studio, of which Thomas Goux is an associate. The Studio is also showing a collection of objects designed as part of a decentralised cooperation between the cities of Fez and Saint-Étienne, with the support of the Moroccan Secretary of State for Craft Industries, and the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs.
©Photo Studio Bisbee
La Serre
15, rue Henri Gonnard 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 20 November to 5 December, from 2pm to 7pm and in the morning by appointment
Contact: 06 60 74 68 64 - 04 77 48 76 43
Vernissage Monday 22 November at 5.30pm
The process of design is playing field of collective action, in which the players work together to produce a project. The framework is used as a unifying, stimulating tool where meeting and dialogue are encouraged in order to exchange knowledge and expertise. The intention is to promote a creative method based on proximity, and develop a production by inviting artisans and designers to work together. These exchanges raise questions of exclusive ownership, and the possible influence of the craft industry on design.
21 bis, avenue Denfert Rochereau 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 20 November to 5 December from 11am to 6pm
Contacts: Emilie Colin Garros 06 99 50 16 66, David Des Moutis 06 21 57 20 13, Philippine Lemaire 06 15 31 79 41
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Atelier BL119 (Grégory BLAIN / Hervé Dixneuf), BACSAC (Godefroy de Virieu, Louis de Fleurieu et Virgile Desurmont),Gilles Belley, Michel Blazy, Piero Gilardi, Emmanuel Louisgrand, Normal Studio,Tejo Remy / René Veenhuizen

To follow up the research led by the Greenhouse association into allotment gardens, we would like to continue the debate through this event.
It could be a debate around gardening, a project, a system, a concept, an object, a work, evoking gardening in its widest sense. The Greenhouse association has invited its favourite designers and artists to offer an object or installation relating to the world of gardening. These will be housed in a 300 sq m exhibition space.
Greenhouse Association
11, rue de l'Egalerie 42100 Saint-Étienne - Tram arrêt "Bellevue"
Opening times: 20 to 28 November 2010 from 2pm to 6pm and by appointment.
Contact: 04 77 50 84 28 or 06 12 45 26 91
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Eric Jourdan, François Bauchet, N°111 (Sophie Françon, Jennifer Julien, Grégory Peyrache).
The “fourth wall” evokes the intellectual wall separating the actor on the stage from the spectator in the audience..
The exhibition displays everyday objects and creates distance from the spectator by leading them to consider what is happening on the stage with an investigative, critical eye. Distancing yourself means transforming banal, known, immediately obvious things into specific, unusual, unexpected things.
Le Triomphe
4, Square Violette 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 20 to 27 November, Saturday to Tuesday: 10am to 7pm, and Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm to 7pm
Contact: 06 16 49 15 23
Vernissage : Monday 22 November at 6.30pm
As part of the Biennial, the Designers + Collective has initiated a partnership with the Mercure hotel, where the collective has been given a space which offers a visual journey through the work and expertise of the collective’s members, whilst adding value to the hotel's reception area.
Mercure hotel reception area
Rue de Wuppertal 42000 Saint-Étienne
Continual opening
Contact: 04 77 42 81 81 et 04 77 79 07 07 (Collectif Designers +)
Vernissage Thursday 18 November at 6pm
The Appartement 102 exhibition presents the work of young artists, designers and graphic artists from the Higher College of Art and Design (ESAD) around the theme “Conversations”. For the Biennial, the city centre apartment, which is 5 minutes’ walk from the Cité du Design, will be the scene for a project led by students and graduates from ESAD, a multidisciplinary encounter between objects, creators and spectators. For more information, visit www.appartement102.com Jonas Barry, Laura Ben Haiba, Rémi De Chiara, Adrien Gervet, Elise Henneghien, Valentine Henry, Yoann Jacquon, Marlène Janin, Anne Le Troter, Jérôme Michel, Morgane Pluchon, Quentin Simonin, Éric Vaudatin
Appartement 102
7, rue Balaÿ 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 20 November 2010 to 5 December 2010 from 12pm to 7pm
Contact: 04 69 35 24 21
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Benjamin Triouleyre
In “Can I kick it?” Benjamin Triouleyre questions our relationship to sound, by suggesting it rather than broadcasting it. In this way the artist invites us to use our imagination and create our own soundtrack for the exhibition, rather than imposing one on us. In a society where sound (from television, radio, mp3 players, telephones etc.) is omnipresent, and even though it is the central element of this work, the artist offers us a chance to rest and choose what we want to listen to.
L’Assaut de la Menuiserie, lieu d’art contemporain
11, rue Bourgneuf 42000 Saint-Etienne
Opening times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 7pm and by appointment
Contacts: Wandrille Duruflé : 06 62 89 65 78, Benjamin Triouleyre : 06 62 24 59 66
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
The Garage – a collective of students from the Higher College of Art and Design (ESAD) who work towards freedom – and engineering student from the Saint-Etienne Higher College of Engineering, have installed a platform for the design and rapid prototyping of objects under free licence at the Rotonde: La Fonderie [The Foundry]. It involves rapid prototyping workshops, raising awareness of free software, and a citizens' event on the place of Freedom in society. Participate freely in a unique experience of clouds and teleportation!
La Rotonde - Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture Centre (CCSTI)
Saint-Étienne & Loire- École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne 158, cours Fauriel 42023 Saint-Étienne cedex 2
Opening times: from 22 to 27 November, and from 29 November to 3 December, from 9am to 6pm
Participate freely in a unique experience of simultaneous teleportation at Place Jean Jaurès on Wednesday 24 November, Saturday 27 November and Wednesday 1 December !
Contact: Compulsory reservation for groups on 04 77 42 02 78 more information at: www.ccsti-larotonde.com or http://legarage-gpl.org/
Attracted by raw, natural and industrial materials, and keen to widen my outlook to different places, natural or urban spaces, my artistic journey has been built around these two areas. A large part of my work seeks to integrate installations on different sites, and to highlight the material whilst respecting the place and seeking a balance. Without completely disappearing into their environment, my works must not be seen as aggressive in any way, but in a spirit of appropriateness and collusion. Your attention may be drawn by a repetitive effect. You may recognise, find a meaning, feel an emotion or experience a complicit feeling. I like to work with simple, natural or industrial materials which enable the material to reveal its own beauty and poetry. The bright colours and dense, thick material of the technical ribbons woven in Saint-Etienne by the Samuel Roche company appealed to me. They are the main thread of a rhythmical, colourful composition, in harmony with the architecture of the Clé d'Voûte caves.
Salle de la Clé d'Voûte
7, rue Basses des Rives 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 2pm to 5pm
Contact: 04 77 33 54 24
Vernissage Friday 26 November at 7.30pm
HOUSE « off » WORK
House Work – culture design - is a multidisciplinary space founded in 1999 by the architect-designer Didier Muller, and installed on a brownfield site just a few cable lengths from the Saint-Etienne Cité du Design. It is a genuine laboratory for experimentation, project research, debates and contemporary creations dedicated to design and its promotion through different routes. Characterised by an atypical architecture, the space has 1,800 sq m of studios, exhibition space and a showroom.
House Work – culture design
12, rue des coopérateurs, 42000 Saint-Étienne.
Horaire d’Opening times: 10am to 6pm
Contact: 09 52 62 25 32
Vernissage on even-numbered days, solely by registering at www.hw12.com.
Alain Hervéou, Pierre Mingot, Jean-Claude Olivier, Laurent Quin
Situated in a former arms factory, the Bon Voyage... exhibition brings together the multidisciplinary works of four artists whose practices converge in an interest in spatio-temporal manipulations, in direct connection with a re-examination of material or cultural knowledge, via the theme of teleportation, exploring various issues related to memory, imagination, desire and the future of presence in the world.
Atelier Jean-Claude Olivier
16, rue Chevreul 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 20 November to 5 December from 3pm to 7pm
Contact: 04 77 57 84 81
Vernissage Wednesday 24 November at 6pm
A snapshot of contemporary decorative arts, in all their follies and wisdom, a eulogy to diversity contrasting with the uniformity of the world. The exhibition contains unique pieces exhibited in September 2010 at La Salpêtrière during the 4th Biennial of Decorative Art and Design, as well as other remarkable works by members of the EAC (Exhibition of Artisans, Artists and Designers). The creations are like worlds where you can project yourself, expressions free of function, pretexts for talking about the imagination...
MJC des Tilleuls
8 rue Pavillon Chinois 42000 Saint Étienne
Opening times: Monday to friday 10am to 7pm
Saturday from 2pm to 7pm
Sunday 10am to 7pm
Contact: 04 77 74 45 25 - contact@mjcdestilleuls.fr
Vernissage Friday 19 November at 7pm
Matières Collaboratives / "Aller // Retour, Regards Croisés"
[Collaborative Materials / “Go // Return, Exchange of views”]
Matières Collaboratives [Collaborative Materials]
Collective of artisans, designers and artists

The object is a medium for design. It doesn’t matter what your idea of it is. An object by an artist, creator, designer or artisan gives thought to the world in which it exists, and gives meaning to our lives. The material is Pangaea, where everyone dreams of their own continent. The material(s) decompartmentalises the approach to the object. It can be multidisciplinary and open. It can suggest, beyond disciplines, that the object belongs to all cultures, as well as to Culture.

“Aller // Retour, Regards Croisés” [“Go // Return, Exchange of views”]
Loetitia CORNELIE, DLPG Architect – Designer
An individual exhibition which is a follow-up to the “Design Made In Havana” workshop, organised in partnership by the Havana Architecture Biennial, Culturesfrance and the French Embassy in Cuba (2008).
It forms part of the celebration in France of the Bicentenary of the Independence of Latin America and the Caribbean (1810 – 2010) and is part of the “Caraïbes en Créations” [the Caribbean through Design] programme (nominated operator Culturesfrance).
A collection of products (signed, stamped, numbered) are presented in limited editions and as unique pieces: tableware, furniture, decoration and jewellery.
International Space – City Hall Arches
Opening times: 20 November to 4 December 2010: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am – 12pm / 2pm – 4.30pm; Tuesday and Thursday: 9am – 12pm / 2pm – 6.30pm; Saturday 10am – 6pm
Contact: 04 77 48 63 65
Vernissage Monday 22 November at 7pm
A woodcutter and a lastmaker, a papermaker and a gilder, a stylist and a fresco artist, a weaver and an enameller, a leather worker and a restorer of wind instruments; hybrid pairings, encounters and necessarily offbeat collaborations.
The theme explored is light and lighting.
Six pieces are presented, the fruit of an exchange between two artisans, an interplay of materials, transparency, shapes and contrasts of light and shade.
Galerie Rue des Artistes
26 rue Paul Bert 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: Tuesday: 2pm to 6pm / Wednesday: 2pm to 6pm / Thursday: 2pm to 7pm / Friday: 2pm to 7pm / Saturday: 2pm to 6pm
Contact: 04 77 33 42 93 / rue.des.artistes@orange.fr
Vernissage Tuesday 23 November at 6pm
9 CH
As each person reacts differently to their environment, 9 CH offers you the chance to experience some visual and sound vibrations and perhaps enter into resonance with the ones that match you.
Atelier Cahen & Grégori
98 rue de Chavassieux 42000 Saint-Étienne
Bus 7 direction Michon, arrêt Chavassieux
Opening times: 22 November to 3 December, from 2.30pm to 7pm, and by appointment
Contact: 04 77 34 01 60
Vernissage Friday 26 November at 6.30pm
“When the image becomes an object, it creates some surprising products!" For you, at the end of the year, UnCentième & Inkoozing are testing teleportation. The concept is based on a collaboration between the design studio UnCentième and the silkscreen print studio Inkoozing. The aim is to teleport the image from the silkscreen print to an object produced by design. This edition led to the “Graphic Products” range, which is exhibited in the showroom.
Showroom UnCentième & Inkoozing
5, rue Paul Bert 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 20 November to 31 December 2010 from 9am to 6pm
Vernissage Friday 26 November at 6.30pm
The object is a medium for design. It doesn’t matter what your idea of it is. An object by an artist, creator, designer or artisan gives thought to the world in which it exists, and gives meaning to our lives. The material is Pangaea, where everyone dreams of their own continent.
The material(s) decompartmentalises the approach to the object. It can be multidisciplinary and open. It can suggest, beyond disciplines, that the object belongs to all cultures, as well as to Culture.
1, rue Brossard
42000 Saint-Étienne
Contact: 04 77 25 31 40
Horaires d’Opening times et jours: Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm
Evenings until 8pm on Saturdays.
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Frédéric Ruyant
Urban Oasis is a journey through a city, marked along the way by a series of interventions by the designer Frédéric Ruyant. Public spaces, bus shelters, pavements and building fronts become special theatres for incongruous, poetic events, from which the city reinvents itself. Actions which encourage you to pick things up, which circulate like rumours. Capturing slices of urban life and transfiguring the ordinary dimension, these are projects which invite you to take a different look, initiate different practices and make you believe that the urban space is not necessarily a desert for mankind.
Around the Cité du design
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
François Mangeol et Noémie Bonnet-Saint-Georges
Cenotaph (from the Greek ?e??t?o???: kenos “empty” and taphos “tomb”), a monument erected to the memory of a person or group of people, which does not contain any bodies. Many cenotaphs have been built throughout the world since Antiquity. L‘inconnu Notoire (the famous Unknown) is the person everyone knows, but no one knows. A kind of super-hero.
South Garden of the Cité du design
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Refuge and canteen for birds – Street furniture
North Garden of the Cité du design
VernissageSaturday 20 November at 6pm
Imagine visual pointers, legible by day and night, marking the whole landscape.
Manufacture Site and Jardins des Avocats, 12 rue Sainte-Catherine
Biennial space, Cité du design and Jardins des Avocats, Rue de la Résistance.
Vernissage Tuesday 23 November from 6pm
Carnot Arches paper mill
Corner of Rue Etienne Boisson and Boulevard Augustin Thierry – Saint-Étienne
On the site of the former Cartonnages Stéphanois (cardboard factory) is the first episode of a temporary public space experiment, a stage of the future development to be led by EPASE (Saint Etienne Public Development Body).
Angle de la rue Etienne Boisson et du Boulevard Augustin Thierry
Opening times: Every day, all the time.
Contact: Fanny Herbert 06 74 94 79 49
Vernissage Thursday 25 November at 6pm
Édition Sous Étiquette: François Mangeol - Julien Michel - Jean-Sébastien Poncet - Jean-Claude Paillasson - Allan Durand
Édition Sous Étiquette, founded by Valérie Gonot, François Mangeol and Vincent Lemarchands, presents its inaugural collection, a subtle alchemy of design, industrial know-how and craftsmanship. An eclectic collection by emerging designers. At ÉSÉ, the way in which you work the object is what creates its unity. Each object is numbered because each is unique, like its story, which is told to the public through the label. A catalogue of daring, surprising objects, a catalogue of encounters.
Contacts: 06 20 30 88 60 - 06 86 25 88 04
VernissageSaturday 20 November at 6pm
Studio Lo & cie
For the Biennial, the Mag/Lab (laboratory store) is offering a selection of objects produced digitally and locally using FabBot, a portable manufacturing robot designed by Studio Lo. Led jointly by Ars Longa, an organisation committed to the promotion of digital design since 2003, and by Studio Lo, the Mag/Lab will collaborate on this occasion in close partnership with designers, artists and amateurs. This is a large-scale test of the principles upheld by the FabLab movement – the democratisation of production and its relocation through digital tools. The Mag/Lab will explore the scenario of micro-industrial activity, free from the heavy processes of large-scale industry, keeping in mind the requirement to produce high-quality, affordable objects. This scenario is based on a fact and on a hypothesis: in a few decades, large cities have transformed public spaces into shopping areas where each district tends to follow the same consumer standards, and where global franchises have resulted in a form of urban monotony, breaking the social link provided by traditional local shops.
Starting from the idea that this levelling of the specific features of a dense and complex urban area has resulted in an impoverishment of the way we “live together”, Mag/Lab's hypothesis is that social and economic innovation in the city can come from our capacity to re-design the ways we shop in the city.
Studio Lo & Ars Longa
ESADSE _ Bâtiment ATE RDC _ Atelier volume
Opening times: 20 to 22 November, from 10am to 6pm
Contact: 06 88 70 35 73
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Usin-e, Amaury Poudray & Rémi Bouhaniche
Designs with texture and contour, social designs and designs for the body. The objects we are exhibiting live through the people who have fashioned them. On one side, Prélude, on the other a series of leather jewellery. Participants: The Villeurbanne ESAT wove the rattan "carpets" which we are placing in the metal structures, giving birth to “Prélude”, a series of objects presented by THE GALLERY. Domeau & Pérès, leather craftsmen, have adapted their expertise to make jewellery. The Segment block shows the artisan’s skill in creating a textured, expressive surface, and a smooth, virtually reflective surface at the same time.
Designs with texture and contour, social designs and designs for the body. The objects we are exhibiting live through the people who have fashioned them, and the people who use them every day. On one side, Prélude, on the other a series of fibre objects. Participants: The Villeurbanne ESAT [Higher College of Art and Technology] wove the rattan "carpets" which we are placing in the metal structures, giving birth to “Prélude”, a series of objects produced by THE GALLERY. The Julio company, which makes technical brushes, has adapted its expertise to design household accessories, pieces that are both fun and highly technical. In parallel, the Lisière mirror shows the movement of the artisan, who, by manually polishing the sheet, marks the material, which itself is contrasted with a carmine red colour which appears every time he repeats his hand movements.
ESADSE Technical Studios
Contacts: Amaury Poudray 06 50 85 41 50 and Rémi Bouhaniche 06 15 19 08 72
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Collectif ! RAW
Justine Jacquot Illustratrice / Graphiste - Benjamin Triouleyre Graphiste / Plasticien - Clément Duchesne / Designer - Martin De Bie Designer / Plasticien - Samuel Aden / Designer - Alain Barthelemy / Artiste visuel
The RED STROOP exhibition presents, in a breakthrough, offbeat spirit, several metaphorical images which express more than an inversion or an overturning of the senses, but a simple analogy between them. The different pieces offer in turn a new sensory code, synthesising a link between the different senses stimulated. The exhibition contains five pieces which in turn use different modus operandi to represent the metaphorical synthesised images. The different installations stimulate two or more of our senses, redefining in turn a new perceptive field. Sometimes mixing image with sound, smell with illustration, or music with colours, the visitor crosses the borders of a new world, a break from the known sensory contexts.
ESADSE _ ATE RDC Building _ Year 1 studio
Contact: Martin De Bie 06 18 95 57 55
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Collectif de.: Flora Commaret / Allan Durand / Fabien Combe / François Mangeol / Julien Michel / Jean-Sébastien Poncet
Aware that they are part of the show, the members of Collectif de. offer a circus of design through a childlike, critical performance: a ringmaster designer and an installation in-situ. / www.collectifde.fr / Partners: Modern City, Standing Concept, Garage TLC, Brior’d’ures, Version Originale, Sud Offset, Dépan'OM, Berthet, ASEM, Boyer Espaces verts.
Students’ Department - Agora de la Platine
Contacts: 06 74 92 29 90 - 06 86 25 88 04
Vernissage Saturday 27 November from 6pm
Estelle Sauvage
The filament bulb is living its last days. Silently, this revolutionary object will become insignificant and disappear. The kettle is used as a pretext to highlight this disappearance.
The Bouilloire Ipso Facto is a project by Estelle Sauvage, produced as part of her DNSEP [Higher National Diploma in Applied Art] in 2010.
ESADSE _ ATE RDC Building _ Volume studio
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Sophie Françon, Jennifer Julien et Sébastien Cluzel
The Souvignet prize 2010 presents two projects selected for a competition organised with the Saint-Etienne Higher College of Art and Design.
The young prize-winning designers, Sophie Françon and Jennifer Julien, associates of the n°111 design studio, and Sébastien Cluzel, offer a debate about seating, questioning its use and mobility. These items form part of the Design Souvignet collection, which offers products made in collaboration with designers.
ESADSE _ ATE Building _ Volume studio
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Rodolphe Dogniaux, Director of Postgraduate Research
The last two cohorts of the Post-graduate Diploma in Design and Research exhibit their projects: representation of third party objects, self-produced design, game design research, vernacular typography, uchronic design, re-use and symbiotic design, status of the designer and design in business, norms and the abnormal... A place for experimenting and producing projects based on a wide, diversified vision of design, the ESDASE Post-graduate Diploma in Design & Research is both a laboratory for design and a project incubator. Regardless of the field of design in which it is carried out, research is understood as a tool of action, distortion and transformation of the real world. The designer, who is a vehicle for questioning our lifestyles and our relationship to objects, signs and contemporary environments, both reveals the changes taking place and takes part in these developments.
Exhibitors: Damien Baïs, Yu Chen, Jean-Sébastien Poncet, Eva Guillet et Aruna Ratnayake (Studio Lo), Fabien Combe, Sébastien Degeilh, Marie-Pierre Vandeputte, Cécile Rembauville-Nicolle, Apolline Fluck, Hyun Kyung Lee, Baptiste Menu
ESADSE _ ATE Building _ Temporary installation studio
Private showing Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Saint–Etienne School of Art and Design
3 Rue Javelin Pagnon
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
François Mangeol
Occidorient is a carpet containing an essential function of representation. It attempts to blend two very distinct cultures, East and West, and the representative codes of each, by offering something beyond the traditional role of a bedside rug - a re-reading and updating of expertise. Historically, the Persian carpet has a divine meaning. It has always fulfilled a dual function in the East, practical and symbolic. It is also constructed as a work of architecture, forming a general layout. It represents a magical space inhabited by the sphere of the world. The “kelleghi” or “kelley” format is very close to the 16/9 size of our cinema and television screens. A format our societies use, where we display our societies, and where Western stories are told. The very symbolic Times New Roman font from the 1930s, which summarises the Western world – balanced, elegant, simple and recognised all over the world – is used here as a single motif. By aggregation, and without changing the shape of the typographical characters, it fills the outer borders, elements protecting the inner fields, which it also gradually inhabits. The very principle of making a Persian carpet is pushed to the extremes here: the repetition of motifs fills the space in the carpet to make a new language, both familiar and abstract.
This piece by François Mangeol was produced thanks to public/private co-funding of his studies at the Saint-Etienne Higher College of Art and Design, on the “pre-production” module. It has now gone into production at ÉSÉ-Edition Sous Étiquette in three separate formats, one of which has just entered the permanent collection of the National Contemporary Art Fund.
ESADSE _ ATE RDC Building _ Volume studio
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Valentine Henry, Rémi De Chiara, Quentin Simonin
The Appartement 102 exhibition presents the work of students and young artists, designers and graphic designers from the Saint-Etienne Higher College of Art and Design, around the theme “Conversations”. For the Biennial, the city centre apartment (5 minutes’ walk from the Cité du Design) will be the scene for a project led by students and graduates from ESAD, a multidisciplinary encounter between objects, designers and spectators.
Jonas Barry, Laura Ben Haiba, Rémi De Chiara, Adrien Gervet, Elise Henneghien, Valentine Henry, Yoann Jacquon, Marlène Janin, Anne Le Troter, Jérôme Michel, Morgane Pluchon, Quentin Simonin, Éric Vaudatin
Presentation of the project: ESADSE _ ATE RDC Building _ Year 1 studio
Appartement 102
7, rue Balaÿ 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 20 November 2010 to 5 December 2010 from 12pm to 7pm
ADERA (the network of Art Colleges in the Rhône-Alpes) publishes a collection of monographic bilingual French/English catalogues devoted to artists graduating from Art Colleges in the Rhône-Alpes, which is produced by graphic designers from the same colleges.
Published four times a year, thanks to the support of the Rhône-Alpes Regional government, the éditions Adera collection has produced 16 works to date, four of which are in the process of being published. Bringing together artistic production, critical reading and graphic ideas, each catalogue represents a professional tool for the artist and graphic designer, and demonstrates the quality of the education provided by these establishments in the Rhône-Alpes.
On the occasion of their exhibition at the 2010 Biennial, éditions ADERA will launch two new catalogues: Karim Kal. Perspective du naufrage and Ludovic Paquelier. Selles de vélo et Impalas noirs, monographs by graduates from the Art Colleges of Grenoble and Valence, designed respectively by the graphic designers Elise Turlan and Clément Le Tulle-Neyret, graduates of the Art Colleges of Saint-Etienne and Lyon.
Inaugurated on 23 September 2010, the online documentary collection Documents d’artistes Rhône-Alpes presents in-depth, up-to-date documentation on works by contemporary artists living in the Rhône-Alpes region. Pierre-Olivier Arnaud and Jean-Baptiste Sauvage, graduates from the Saint-Etienne Higher College of Art and Design, are notable names among the first artists represented. In Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Brittany, Rhône-Alpes and Aquitaine, Documents d'artistes works as a network to promote the visibility of contemporary art in France and abroad. The Rhône-Alpes Regional government is supporting Documents d’artistes Rhône-Alpes, which also receives funding from the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DRAC Rhône-Alpes [Cultural Affairs Regional Department]. The project benefits from partnerships with the Higher College of Art and Design – Cité du Design, the Léa and Napoléon Bullukian Foundation, the Drome Departmental government, and Cicenter.
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Ten students from three options (art, design and communication) were selected to present their projects from the DNSEP [Higher National Diploma in Plastic Arts] 2010. The DNSEP is the diploma awarded at the end of the five-year post-high school cycle in art schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
Exhibitors: Laura Ben-Haiba (DNSEP Art), Karine Grange (DNSEP Art), Maëlle Vandenbergh (DNSEP Art), Gaëlle Vicherd (DNSEP Art), Vincent Gebel (DNSEP Communication), Johann Aussage (DNSEP Design), Aurélien Bartolucci (DNSEP Design), Laurène Bordes (DNSEP Design), Philippe Deray (DNSEP Design) et Alice Noguès (DNSEP Design).
ESADSE _ APE RDC Building _ Year 1 space
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 6pm
Since 2007, ZéroQuatre, an initiative by players in the contemporary art scene in the Rhône-Alpes region, in association with the magazine 02, has been developing an editorial project which aims to open up fields of debate using the rich artistic material of the region and its surroundings (Switzerland, Italy). A mixture of a means of communication and a critical space, ZéroQuatre demonstrates the importance of its content through a multiplicity of approaches and viewpoints. Critics, curators, artists and other players in the art world on the regional, national and international scene, have contributed to developing the magazine as a place of reflection and creation. Portraits of artists, essays, interviews, in-depth features and reviews form the basis of the editions, each of which has its own graphical and iconographical emphasis. With 18,000 copies published twice a year (in March and September), the magazine is distributed nationally and exhibited at major events such as trade fairs (FIAC, Artissima, Art Brussels etc.) or contemporary art biennials (Lyon, Berlin) and the design biennial (Saint-Étienne). Born out of a common regional and editorial commitment, over the years ZéroQuatre has made a place for itself in the field of specialised reviews.

The 04 magazine receives support from the Rhône-Alpes regional government.

Sophie Thibaudat, artiste stéphanoise; M'Bhooka Monsengwo, artiste congolais et d'autres adhérents des Moyens du Bord
“Happy? - No, Dereux. – What’s that? - A man, a gluer of vegetables.- Ah! Are you paying tribute to him? - Or rather greeting him...” Diverse installations, mosaics of vegetables, fruit and citrus fruit, a mural painting by Sophie Thibaudat and colourful compositions by M’Bhooka Monsengwo.
Les Moyens du Bord
12 rue d'Arcole - 42000 Saint- Étienne
Opening times: every day except Sunday from 2pm to 6pm
Contact: 04 77 37 28 27
Vernissage Friday 3 December at 6pm
Michel-Remy Bez, Gabrielle Bonnet, Véronique Ducret-Chiron, Richard Ferrandiz, Gérard Fréchuret, Chantal Goirand, Louis Molle, Maguy Soldevila
Opening the cage of time in the light of intelligence and going on a journey, these are the objectives of “SAC-CAGE”... Bright, playful bags and serious objects of transport can be seen. These are precious “icons” whose sudden appearance is astonishing. They are living bags, ready to be “captured”. Whilst full of their own secrets from the minds of their creators, they are also leaving for other worlds.
14 rue Honoré de Balzac - 42000 Saint Étienne
Opening times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 7pm
Contacts: 04 77 41 39 70 – 06 12 64 55 10
Vernissage Thursday 2 December at 6.30pm
Until 15 January 2011, the Bernard Ceysson gallery in Saint-Etienne is showing an exhibition of recent paintings and works on paper. A few older works sum up the career of the artist who, since the mid-80s, has undertaken a kind of circumnavigation from archipelago to archipelago, from island to island, over the vast ocean of abstraction. Private showing of the new hangings on Thursday 25 November from 6pm.
Galerie Bernard Ceysson - Saint-Étienne
8, rue des creuses 42000 - Saint Étienne
Opening times: Wednesday – Saturday from 1.30pm to 6.30pm
Contacts: 04 77 33 28 93 - 06 84 40 99 92
Vernissage Thursday 2 December at 6pm
Bowls, cups, goblets... little containers in fine porcelain, colourful earthenware and plain stoneware... for holding water, tea or coffee. Pieces from around 30 contemporary potters and ceramic artists are brought together and exhibited at the Atelier du Coin. Carriers of history, know-how, symbolism and sensitivity, they are the reflection of the many people who have created them, in the palm of their hands, before entrusting them to others...
l'Atelier du Coin
11, rue Roger Salengro, 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Contact: 04 77 41 20 09
Vernissage Saturday 20 November at 10am (breakfast)
Several initiatives, occupying a space designed to improve community cohesion in the Crêt de Roc district of Saint-Etienne, offer their own ways of “reducing distance”: investing in real estate on a local scale, gathering residents together around a public space that they can take control of through gardening, sharing cars and reducing distances travelled, shortening the distance between the agricultural producer and the dinner table.
Group of associations: Sustainable streets / Car-sharing / Ethical gardening / Art Grocery
15, rue Robert 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: 23, 25, 30 November and 2 December from 4pm to 9pm
Contact: 04 77 32 40 64
VernissageTuesday 30 November at 6pm
“Pattern plates” designed for multiple reproduction via an industrial production method are here, paradoxically, unique objects in themselves.
Philippe Durant encadreur
VernissageThursday 2 December at 6pm
A seeker of light in a country of miners.
17 rue Clovis Hugues (quartier Carnot – Saint-Étienne)
Contact: 06 60 29 58 66
Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm and by appointment
Vernissage Thursday 25 November at 6pm
Florence Bruyas ceramic workshop
Ceramic installation. Florence Bruyas, ceramic artist.
Presentation of an installation on the theme of the self-portrait. Fragmentation, body parts that are recognisable or at the limits of abstraction and graphic signage... Flat, photographic images of the body take shape and presence in an introspective reconstruction of identity.
No private Vernissage
This exhibition gives a sneak preview of the inaugural furniture in the “Yves Chaland” line, in a 50s/70s ambience, as well as tributes to French authors, illustrators and artists.
“Babet" Gallery – Babet community centre
10, rue de Félix Pyat - 42000 Saint-Étienne.
Contacts: Maison de quartier 04 77 33 33 92 or Association Zanda 04 77 41 92 72
Opening times: du lundi au vendredi de 9h/12h et 14h/18h30
Dates of the exhibition: from 19 November to 17 December (except Saturdays and Sundays)
Vernissage Friday 19 November at 6pm
Sabine Chenot Michelle Cognet
Hangings of everyday or industrial objects, imprinted with the past. Lights made from kokoro paper.
Brèves de table
2 rue Dormand - 42100 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6pm
Contacts: 04 77 25 31 76
Vernissage Monday 22 November at 6pm
Photographs by Benoît Boucherot
Diswandering is what happens after the need to wander, it's also a malfunctioning, a loss of destination and an assumed teleportation.
L'Européen Restaurant
5 rue Aciéries 42000 Saint Étienne
Opening times: 10am to 11pm
Contact: 04 77 79 61 15
Vernissage Thursday 18 November at 6pm
Time, memory, the ephemeral and continuity are some of the recurring themes of Rodrigue Glombard's approach. He indistinctly develops his art around two and three-dimensional images, passing easily between photography and monumental installations, painting and sculpture.
Restaurant BOL'APPETIT
9 rue Clovis Hugues 42000 Saint-Étienne (Carnot)
Hours during the Biennial: Monday to Saturday 11.30am – 2.30pm / 7pm – 10pm (10.30pm Saturdays)
Exceptional Sunday opening on 21, 28 November and 05 December.
Contact: 04 77 74 93 15
Presentation of the “Little S” tables, produced by the N°111 design centre for the Little Soba bar, in collaboration with Tôlerie Forezienne.
Little Soba
4 rue Martyrs de Vingré 42000 – Saint-Étienne
Contact: 04 77 21 76 01
Vernissage Thursday 25 November at 7.30pm
Ceci n'est pas une mais plutôt « des » expositions.
An installation that is continually changing, like the people that pass through.
The subjects open the door of this family restaurant and temporarily take the place of the owner. At “La Friterie” you will be snapped by the camera and then pinned to the wall. Beer coasters of people's faces.
Round like the circle of a large family.
Moments which implicitly remind us that other people have been here too.
How it works:
- Stand behind the bar, facing the counter
- Stand still without moving
- Smile or don’t smile.
You will then have a portrait of yourself at “La Friterie” in the place of Louise or Michel.
La friterie
9 rue Georges Dupré - 42000 Saint-Étienne
Opening times: lunchtimes and evenings, all week
Contact: 06 07 59 71 56
Private showing Saturday 27 November at 6pm